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The Pearl Character Summary - Literature E07 - Aidan Shaughnessy
Updated: 11/11/2018
The Pearl Character Summary - Literature E07 - Aidan Shaughnessy
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This storyboard is for Literature E07 and it is all about the character devolopment of Kino from the book "The Pearl" by John Steinbeck.

Storyboard Text

  • The Pearl By: John Steinbeck
  • Exposition: Calm, Easy Going
  • Rising/Conflict Action: Worried, Frightened
  • Summarized And Presented By: Aidan Shaughnessy
  • Climax: Selfish, Stressful
  • In the exposition of "The Pearl", we are introduced to the main character Kino, his wife Juana, and their baby Coyotito on a peaceful morning. We find out that they live in a small farming village, in the town of La Paz, Mexico. We do find out the family is poor and can't afford many nice things. Nevertheless, they are happy with what they have. 
  • Falling Action: Scared, Thoughtful
  • Juana, I will go on and lead the hunters to the mountains while you hide.
  • Kino and his family are having a normal morning, until a scorpion appears out of nowhere and bites Coyotito while he is in his crib. Juana and Kino get very worried, which attracts the villagers. Kino and Juana then decide to take the baby to the doctor, however the doctor refuses because they are natives and don't have any money. Because of this, Kino goes in search for a pearl that can get them money and he ended up finding the most beautiful pearl.
  • Resoulition: Regretful, Sad
  • After the pearl was found, Kino started revolving his life around it, imaginaing all the things he can have with it and protecting it with his life. This started to attract many people, including the doctor who then healed the baby for the pearl. The pearl became so big, to the point where robbers would come to steal it. Kino and Juana knew they had to leave, and just as they were about to collect their belongings they found the village on fire.
  • Kino and Juana decide to run away and travel to the capital where they can keep the pearl and sell it. As Kino and Juana travel through the forest, they realize there are hunters near them and Kino gets worried that they might be looking for him. Kino and Juana start running away from them, which led them to a big cave where they took a rest in and hid away from the hunters. Just as they thought they were safe, the hunters arrived.
  • Okay, Juana. We will stick together then.
  • I will not leave you. We need to stick together.
  • As the hunters arrive and start setting up there camp near the cave, Kino decides to attack all of them in the night so that his family can be safe. He ended up killing all of them, although one of the hunters shot the baby mistaking him for a young coyote. Kino and Juana then returned back to the village, with their dead child hanging from Kino's back. The villagers silently watched, as Kino and Juana then threw their unlucky pearl to the vast ocean water.
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