My myth
Updated: 1/27/2020
My myth
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  • We are so sorry Tapiena!! :(
  • I can't believe it came to this...
  • Hehe! :)
  • Gorgeous! Beautiful! She puts Aphrodite to shame!
  • As a baby, Tapiena and her family were very poor. Since her parents wanted her to have a good life, they strapped her to a mountain goat and sent her off in hopes she'd make it to Mt. Olympus.
  • Zeus ends up finding her and vows to raise and protect Tapiena. For years she grew up without knowing she was mortal, and Zeus strictly told everyone not to let her know the truth.
  • POOF!
  • As she grew older, Tapiena was very beautiful. She'd always receive lots of compliments whenever she went outside. This of course made Aphrodite very jealous, as she was supposed to be the prettiest.
  • Out of jealousy, Aphrodite got Tapiena to follow her as she was very credulous. She told her that she was a mortal, but if she drank a special potion, she'd be a god.
  • After drinking the potion, Tapiena turned into a hideous, half spider-half human monster. Aphrodite disappeared. Tapiena knew that maybe her father could help her, so she made her way to the palace.
  • Unfortunately, Zeus didn't recognize her and thought Tapiena was a monster that killed his daughter. He locked Tapiena away forever. She learned that you should think before you trust and believe everyone.
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