The Story of a Philanthropist
Updated: 1/15/2021
The Story of a Philanthropist

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  • By: Misbah Sayed
  • A Philanthropist in the Making
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  • This is Mathew Patterson. He's a genial kid and is walking home. He then meets a homeless man and goes to give him money. His whole life then changes as he realizes how important it is to help everyone. He had a slight premonition of what he wanted to be in the future.
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  • Matthew then learned that there were people that actually help rehabilitate others-philanthropists. So he learned about how to become one in the future.
  • Guide to Philanthropy
  • Matthew then used his money and began a bank. However, his plans were different. This bank would assist those who are homeless or poor who can make an account easily. No money would be required!
  • Our Mission
  • The bank was successful and Matthew started helping many people! He started making his dream a reality!
  • Instead of flaunting how much he made and basking it in, He began to teach others  and instill in them the ideas of philanthropy.
  • Life of a philanthropist