Pete the Protector
Updated: 8/28/2018
Pete the Protector
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Pete was fired and caused all of his friends to get fired as well but he eats a magical burger that gives him superspeed. He dedicates this power to find a way to find jobs for his friends...

Storyboard Text

  • The Call
  • The Threshold
  • And you got all my friend's dad's fired!
  • YOU LOST YOUR JOB! How will you provide for the family! LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK
  • His mentor
  • Hey Sweet peach, it looks to me like you had a rough day and I know just the way to cheer you up. Try my new burger, it's on the house.
  • Pete had a pretty good life so far he had a beautiful wife, two lovely children, and decent job but he made a mistake at work that got him and a lot of his buddies fired.
  • The Initiation/Abyss
  • When Pete thought his life couldn't get any worse his wife kicked him out. He was now alone and had no job and only knew of one place to go....
  • The Transformation, Revelation, and Atonement 
  • I need to get my friends jobs but how? Should I use my powers?
  • Pete was devastated he had nothing left that he loves but luckily he still had his favorite burger place and sweet, old Nancy...
  • The Return
  • As Pete's burger digested, all of his old buddies stormed in the diner outraged and all ready to fight Pete, but with a wink of an eye Pete beat them all.
  • Pete was so confused by his super fast speed he didn't understand but then he realized it was the burger; it had to have been magical. Somehow the burger gave him the power of superspeed. He had realized that he had a gift that could help him get his life back.
  • Pete figures out how he should use his powers, he used his speed to fill out as many application forms as there were available jobs for his buddies (that he accidently got fired). Fourtantly for him he found them better jobs than what they had before, they all forgive him and his wife and kids welcomed Pete back with pround open arms.
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