The Mystery of the Disappearing Dogs
Updated: 6/19/2020
The Mystery of the Disappearing Dogs
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  • I'll go to Tina's house and tell her about what doing on...
  • There so many missing pet posters...o no...that's my neighbor's dog on that one...
  • That is weird...remember around this time last year that whole thing with Johnny Blade....they caught him experimenting on animals and he disappeared
  • think this could have anything to do with that? he was pretty angry in that last interview..and no one knows where he is
  • I tihnk i want to go visit the addresses of the people with missing maybe check for a connection
  • I cant' believe I can't find really worried..there's so many missing pets around town..what going on
  • ...and they all they used to take their pets to Dr. Blade.....didn't you say you think you saw someone in a lab coat in your neighbor's yard?
  • That's the third person i've talked to who's posted a missing dog poster....they all said they saw those weird foot step in their yard like i did!
  • You're not going to like this...but i think we have to go to Dr. Blades house...i have to find spike..and all clues lead to Dr. Blade
  • you see that?! look at all those collars..Tina....this is it..this is where they are...Spike is in there...
  • We gotta save Spike and the other pets...when we get inside grab whatever you can 
  • Which also means Dr.Blade is in there... are we doing this? he's crazy!
  • Omg im scared...its so dark...and CREEPY...omg did you hear that?!...lets get out of here!
  • Im scared too....but we have to get spike.. we have to save the pets...we gotta stop Dr. Blade. I think I here him in the basement...lets go...stay behind me
  • OMG! There he is! & there's spike!! Tina free the pets in the cages! I gotta get spike!
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