Updated: 5/18/2020

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Plural Nouns and Gener Nouns

Storyboard Text

  • 1. Hi Mike, how are you? and who´s he?
  • 4. Nice to meet you too Jacob
  • 2. Hi Karen, find thanks.And he´s my brother, Jacob.
  • 3. Hi Karen, nice to meet you!
  • 2. Yes, there are.Oh Mike, could you pass me those books? Please
  • 5. Woman, her name is Sandra
  • 3. Sure!
  • 4. Our teacher is man or woman?
  • 1. There are more boys than girls here, right?
  • 1. Well, I already talked to my parents, and they gave me permission... So, come on?
  • 3. Hey Mike, why do not you invite your girlfriend?
  • 5. Oh! okey
  • 4. She´s bussy now
  • 2. YES!
  • Is another day in Urbandale High School; Karen arrived at school, and greet her friends.
  • 2. Yes...Oh! look that flowers! Are beautiful!
  • 3. Here, a flower for you. I hope you like it
  • 1. it was very kind of the gardener to let us in, no?
  • The friends arrived at the class room; and they started talking. Also, they prepare to language class.
  • 1. Thanks for all guys, i had some fun today
  • 4. Yes, don´t worry
  • 2. You´re welcome Karen. See you tomorrow!
  • When the classes finished, they planned a makeshift picnic; after all it was friday, and there wasn´t homework.
  • No mom, i´m fine. Thanks!
  • The friends arrived to a farm; they asked permission to enter and they were left.
  • 4. Oh! thanks
  • Passed the hours, time to come back to their houses.
  • 3. Don't forget my things mike; my books, pencils and my notebooks please.
  • When Karen arrived her home, she greet her parents and her sisters. And after, she went to her room to prepare to sleep.
  • Mom:Daughter, do you want some for eat?Candies? Fruits?
  • THE END.