John Calvin
Updated: 11/24/2020
John Calvin

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  • Early Years
  • You must leave the city son. I want to protect you John.
  • Plague
  • Work Life
  • Welcome. Today is your first day of studying priesthood.
  • He's in there!
  • Arrival in Geneva
  • John Calvin was a protestant reformer born in Noyon, France, in 1509. His father at first wanted him to be a Priest, but shortly changed his mind as sent him to study law. His intelectual ability enabled him to be "appointed to a chaplaincy at a church in his home town at 12" ( At the age of 14, the plague his his town so he was forced to inhabit another city.
  • The Institutes
  • I must complete the Institutes. The people of my beloved country must know that the Church should undertake a reform!
  • His father sent him to study Priesthood at the University of Paris, but John Calvin then decided to study Law at the University of Orleans. As these schools were located in Paris, he was exposed to humanism from the Renaissance, influenced by Erasmus. Soon after, he laboured in Geneva, Switzerland, for 30 years. He was a very humble man and money never charmed him, as he always lived by what the Bible said.
  • Theocratic Society
  • I am here to propose a way to organise society! They are the orders I said in my Ecclesiastical Ordinances.
  • After working in the Church for many years, he converted to protestant beliefs as he interpreted the bible and noticed how it didn't mirror what the Church was saying. It was not safe to stay in Paris as being a heretic saw harsh consequences- he narrowly escaped prison by climbing out of his apartment through a window where he was hiding. "He planned to just pass through Geneva, but the believers there implored him to stay and assist the work of reform" (
  • Calvinism
  • Thank you for joining me in this Presbyterian Church Service, based off Calvinism- a religion created by John Calvin, a protestant Reformer who will never be forgotten.
  • "He studied on his own, preached, and began to work on his first edition of the Institutes- an instant best seller" ( Calvin said that "I laboured at the task especially for our Frenchman, for I saw that many were hungering and thirsting after Christ and yet that only a few had any real knowledge of him" ( The institutes was intended as manual for the protestant beliefs.
  • John Calvin once stated that "a dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God's truth is attacked and yet would remain silent" (azquotes). Calvin's goal was to make a theocratic society. Like other reformers, he wholeheartedly believed that the ideals in the Bible should most definitely mirror the ideals of the Catholic Church. He implemented change as as he stated in his Ecclesiastical Ordinances, he said that the four orders of ministry taught in the New Testament were pastors, doctors, deacons and elders.
  • Each order had their job, like focusing on spiritual affairs, social welfare and more. In Geneva, there we no beggars and overall less problems in society- it was more organised. When he died in 1564, he left a legacy of capitalism, individualism and democracy- all aiding the case of reform. "He stressed the doctorine of predestination, and his interpration of Chirstian Teachings, known as Calvinism, are charistics of Reformed Churches" (, like Presbyterian and Reformed Faith.