Religion- Reformation
Updated: 10/27/2020
Religion- Reformation

Storyboard Text

  • Indulgences and Church Practices
  • Buy Indulgences- Be Free of Sins
  • Here's my money Father
  • The Invention of the Printing Press
  • Can you believe it? The Church is corrupt!
  • They're going into Reform!
  • The Renaissance
  • The indulgences and other church practices were seen as unethical as this was not what Jesus stood for. Martin Luther, a German Monk, found that the Catholic Church's beliefs did not correspond with that of the Bible.
  • The Pope and Corruptness
  • I'm the Pope. I can do whatever I want!
  • The invention of the printing press caused the news that the Church was corrupt spread quickly due to the Press. The seretic views were now more common as people saw a side of the Roman Cahtolic church that they never new existed.
  • Lutherism
  • Art was controlled by the church, so religious paintings were common, and rebelling artists painted values of humanism and secularism changing the point of view of the followers of the Catholic Church.
  • The Black Death
  • This is all God's fault!
  • To leaders, many of them challenged the Pope's authority as he had control over all social and political matter. He was also seen as a foreign ruler.The Church was coming more and more corrupt as Church Leaders did not face any charges for crime.
  • Your a thief!
  • Martin Luther, a German Monk, translated the bible into German so his people could read the bible and have their own views on Catholicism, rather than being forced to believe what the Church told them to.
  • The Bible is complete. Now Germans can have their own views on Catholicism.
  • The Black Death was an endemic that spread through Europe and Asia. With many priests dead, people lost faith in the Church and also saw it as a punishment from God. A protesting group, went around whipping themselves and others to rid themselves of sins.
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