Social Media: the dangers of its effects in teens mental health
Updated: 12/6/2018
Social Media: the dangers of its effects in teens mental health
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  • I'm going to get straight A's this year! 
  • Sean C. Jamieson Public High School
  • Just stay focused and you can reach your goal!
  • Ugh, 10:00 already! I need to study a little bit more before bed!
  • History
  • New hair cut! #lovelife #newdo #redheadlife
  • Jessica (14-yr) an average B student and Liam (16-yr) a solid A student were excited for the new school year and their new goals.
  • Jessica studies everyday to make sure she understands what she has learnt that day. She sacrifices her social life to make sure she gets all As.
  • C
  • Unfortunately, Liam has been sucked into the world of social media, constantly posting selfies and looking up the latest trends on fashion and popular trends. Liam has ignored his school work focusing on his new friends.
  • Jessica feels depressed and alone with no support from family or friends. Her dad is very sick and unable to work causing a lot of pressure on her mom working more hours to pay the bills. Jessica writes on her blog comparing herself to the 'perfect' girls in her class.
  • Liam has been so focused on social media that his grades have severely suffered. He assumed that since he was previously an A student, he thought he would be able to coast on his previous grades.
  • Liam has dedicated all his effort to creating the ‘perfect’ image of himself on social media. He is easily influenced by his online presence, which leads him to start hanging out with the wrong crowd, partying, drinking and doing drugs.
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