Social Media: the dangers of its effects in teens mental health Part 2.
Updated: 12/6/2018
Social Media: the dangers of its effects in teens mental health  Part 2.
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  • I'm Jess !
  • Hi! I'm Nick
  • You're so cute..
  • I can't believe we were friends with that loser
  • I can't believe he throw up all over Michelle
  • Billy I am glad you caught it on video
  • A few hours later...
  • Jess you are still coming over after school?
  • I can't believe he left me after all of that and I have told him about all my darkest moments. This is the worst thing that has ever happened. No one wants me
  • Of course I will be there
  • Jess notices she's receiving attention from her classmates and her crush, a senior student. She starts to trust and open up to Nick. She feels like everything is finally going her way. She writes about her new boyfriend and posts pictures of them together on her blog
  • I wonder if dads meds would help?
  • Liam's so-called friends posted a really embarrassing video of him drunk at a party on Instagram and the whole school saw it.
  • I don't know man, they just humiliated me
  • Dude everyone knows what jerks they are, sorry that no one warned you. They always do this
  • Jessica starts trusting the older guy more over time. The guy gets what he wants from Jessica and leaves her and she becomes more depressed than ever before.
  • 10. Jessica starts taking her dads medicine to "take the pain away."
  • 11. Someone realizes that Liam is not himself, and tries to get him to talk, listening to him, and giving him advice.
  • what's up man? 
  • Nothing is going right
  • 12. Liam realizes what matters to him and gets back on track with school and focuses on what matters. He makes a new group of friends who support him and has his back. They all come up with plans for the summer and looking forward to Junior year together.
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