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TIWOLD EDU 505 4th Amendment Project
Updated: 11/5/2018
TIWOLD EDU 505 4th Amendment Project
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Storyboard Description

Fourth Amendment demonstrated in a school setting.

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, I am taking a course on Educational Law and Policy. Specifically, a search and seizure can happen with reasonable suspicion and does not require a warrant to search and seize an item.
  • Miss Tiwold did you know students' 4th amendment rights can be challenged when on school grounds.
  • Miss Tiwold, May I use the bathroom? Go ahead, sign out Izzy.
  • Homeostasis hmmm...
  • Warm up: Define homeostasis in your own words.
  • Psst George, Meet me at the bathroom to vape at 1:20.
  • Right on, Ricardo. I'll vape in the stall while you watch.
  • Is that a USB drive or vape pen... I'm not sure but Ricardo is acting sneaky.
  • Why is Ricardo blocking the stall...Is that a puff of smoke?
  • I hope he doesn't see the smoke.
  • That was fun bro!
  • Miss Tiwold, I think I saw Ricardo grabbing a vape pen out of his locker but I might have mistaken it for USB drive. I'm not sure.
  • When I was in the bathroom I saw Ricardo standing in front of a stall door and I think smoke was coming from it. However, I'm not positive.
  • Thank you for reporting your suspicions.
  • I need to call the office and report this.
  • Don't give the principal your backpack he is violating your 4th amendment right! He needs a warrant!
  • You can't search my backpack without a warrant. I'm going to sue the school district.
  • I can search your backpack because of the Reasonable Suspicion Standard.
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