pheasant and the kingfisher
Updated: 3/13/2020
pheasant and the kingfisher

Storyboard Text

  • long,long ago, two men came from far in the north west, from the other side of bathurst and Melville islands. one was called book-book, the pheasant, the otter was bered-bered, the kingfisher.
  • both of them carried fire-sticks and as they came along they set fire to the dry grass,each night they made camp and each morning they started off again.they walked on, and on, with their palm leaf baskets of water to drink as the country was so dry. it was a long way to travel. but at last they came to the place they wanted. where bamboo spears grew bye the stream.
  • they heard the bamboo stems whistling together and the mosquitoes were thick down by the water, s they camped a little way off on higher ground. they stayed there for a long time. one day they would go out hunting and bring back plenty of food , and the next day they would stay in their camp. often they would sing and dance together. and they were busy cutting bamboo spears with sharp points, and carving spears with sharp wooden blades.
  • at last they had a visitor, a man called nadjalambau. "i left a lot of men back that way" he told them. they are coming to kill you, this is there land. you should have asked if you could cut down all that bamboo before doing it, what are you going to do?"
  • then bookbook and bered- bered began to get ready. they were both clever men and had plenty of power, and they knew just what do. bookbook covered himself with dark red clay, and a little bit of white. bered-bered painted himself in yellow. they made spears straight and sharp, and they sat there waiting.