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Updated: 8/19/2020
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  • this boy might think this is cool what he is doing but that is the complete opiste what would you do if you were in this situation? this boy was wandering the streets of Washington and he came across a man in the back alley of mac aurthur road.
  • I'm doing crack, kid.
  • Hello mr what are you doing?
  • if somone ever offers you drugs it might be hard to react. this man does drugs to relive stress in his life this reason is one of the highest reasons teen and adults tuen to drugs insted of fighting there problems.
  • you want some?
  • uhh i dont know
  • when you get peer presured to do something you might think if you do it you will be cool but thats not the case especially if you a young child
  • come on kid try some
  • my parents said not to take things from people
  • this child got peer pressured to do drugs the drug he took can have a lng term affect and a short term effect they can ruin your life
  • Come on kid here!
  • Oh uhh ok..
  • this child is suffering from an overdose of the symptoms of an overdose is shallow breathing clammy skin, pale skin, etc as you can tell this child is suffering from those symptoms and as a result he could die
  • the man ran away scared and ashamed in what he had done and the boy lay on the ground unconscious and on the verge of death, death is only one of the possibilities they are many others such as death and coma
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