Updated: 2/12/2020

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Storyboard Text

  • Moses Austin, a banker and business owner who wanted to start a Spanish territory in Texas
  • I, Moses Austin, am so happy because i just got a huge piece of land!!
  • Stephen F. Austin arrived in Texas just as Mexico declared its independence from Spain and took control of Texas. Mexican officials agreed to let Austin start his colony under certain conditions
  • I have taken over!! Because the former owner has disappeared from existence
  • Many people started to come to Texas, it was growing rapidly
  • there are so many new people here!
  • The Americans had several complaints. They were used to governing themselves, and they resented taking orders from Mexican officials.
  • We want to be our own state!!
  • A group led by a lawyer named William Travis called for revolution. Another group led by Stephen F. Austin asked the Mexican government to reopen Texas to immigration and to make it a separate Mexican state so that Texans could run their own affairs.
  • I say we have a revolution!
  • Texas finally won their independence by staging a surprise attack Santa Anna was captured and in in exchange for his freedom he would have to order all his troops out of texas
  • Finally we are our own state!