A Distant Land 2
Updated: 6/22/2020
A Distant Land 2
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  • Tsunami Alert! Evacuate the Area at Once!
  • I have to admit, what I saw wasn’t a beautiful sight. It was a magnificent sight! I had just entered a flower park, but it wasn’t ordinary. This park has been trending for the past few months. It just opened a year ago, so everything was brand new. The pathways were bordered with dozens of flowers flowing like a rainbow. I felt like I had finally found my utopia.
  • That’s when my dream was interrupted by a buzzing sound. The whole area with people’s phones buzzed together with harmony and everyone reached for their phone to silence the noise. However, something startled them. It was moments until a large crowd was pushing me to the exit. I barely managed to escape and decided to check out my phone. A tsunami and it was headed for the island.
  • Within seconds, I was already in my car, racing towards my house. It wasn’t far, thankfully, so I had just enough time to grab only my essential belongings. I took my wallet, documents that identified me, passport, keys, clothes, food, and water.
  • I had just rented this speedboat days ago, so it was all shiny and new. I knew that the cruises were most likely crowded with passengers, attempting to survive. My plan was to use my speedboat with my belongings and just follow the cruises to safety. It was simple enough.
  • I turned the key and the motor came to life. Soon, I was on my way to join the other cruise ships. I drove for fifteen minutes to finally get my gaze upon the cruises. They already left the island and my speedboat floated along with them. That’s when the water started to shift. The waves grew bigger and bigger. But this was only the appetizer. The main course was just behind us. The tsunami was here.
  • Panicked, I put on a life jacket, but I knew that it would do no good. The ships and my boat carried up the tsunami and then everything got covered with water. That’s when I closed my eyes.
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