Adventures With Fluffy The Dog!
Updated: 3/11/2020
Adventures With Fluffy The Dog!

Storyboard Text

  • x= tan(53) * 6so the height of the refrigerator is 8ft
  • x= 8 / sin(53) so the distance between him and the treats is 10ft
  • Fluffy the dog is trying to reach his treats that are above the refrigerator.
  • To find the angle at which I am looking at the TV, I would have to use the trigonometric inverse.
  • He is looking at the treats at an angle of 53ْ. He is standing 6ft away from the refrigerator. He uses trigonometric ratios to find out the height of the refrigerator.
  • measure of angle x= cos^-1 (3/5) so the angle at which he is looking at the TV is 53ْ
  • Now it's time to find the distance between him and the treats.
  • The End!
  • Fluffy jumped 10ft and grabbed the treats. Now he is on his way to the living room.
  • Fluffy is sitting in the living room watching TV. He is sitting 5ft away from the TV, 3ft away from the table, and the distance between the TV and the table is 4 ft.
  • Fluffy goes outside to play.