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Updated: 12/15/2019
World Geography HW !!
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Kosovo v Serbia

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  • History(Kosovo v Serbia)
  • Causes(What led up to the conflict)
  • Major Players
  • The history of Kosovo is intertwined with the histories of its neighboring regions. The name "Kosovo" is derived from the Kosovo Plain, where the Battle of Kosovo was fought between Serbia and the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans ruled Kosovo for more than four centuries, until Serbia acquired the territory during the first Balkan in 1912-13.
  • Important Events(that occured during the conflict)
  • Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, a move which Serbia rejects. Serbia does not recognize Kosovo as an independent state.The president of Serbia, refused to recognize the rights of the majority because Kosovo was an area sacred to the Serbs.
  • Purpose(Why did they fight)
  • Middle: George W. BushTop Left: Hashim ThaciBottom Left: Fatmir SedjiuTop Right: Aleksandar VucicBottom Right: Ana Branic
  • Results(changes as a result)
  • !! Peace !!
  • 2008 (Feb): Kosovo declares independence. 2008 (Oct): The UN General Assembly grants Serbia's request to ask the International Court of Justice to consider if Kosovo's secession is legal.
  • The purpose of this immense, never-ending feud is for Serbia to keep control over Kosovo even though Kosovo is an independent country. Initially were no relations between the two; however, in the following years there has been increased dialogue and cooperation between the governments of Kosovo and Serbia.The president of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, refused to recognize the rights of the majority because Kosovo was an area sacred to the Serbs.
  • The war ended with the Kumanovo Treaty, with Yugosla and Serb forces agreeing to withdraw from Kosovo to make way for an international presence.
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