JFK Part 1
Updated: 3/23/2021
JFK Part 1

Storyboard Text

  • The Assassination of JFK
  • Hello America! We are John and Jackie Kennedy and we want to be in the White House again. Vote for us, the Democratic Party!
  • Arrives in Texas
  • Look, we have arrived in Texas! We start our tour in San Antonio, then Houston and finally Dallas.
  • Meets the Supporters
  • I promise peace and strength for America.
  • We love JFK!!Viva Kennedy!!
  • John F Kennedy was the 35th President of the USA and the youngest ever American President. He'd already served 3 years in office for the Democrats and he was campaigning to be re-elected for his second term. JFK and his wife Jackie were very popular.
  • Flew into Dallas
  • This is Dallas below us. Awesome!
  • JFK arrived in Texas with his wife Jackie on Thursday 21st 1963 for a three-day visit and they began their tour on a windy San Antonio afternoon. He landed on Air Force One which is the President's private aircraft.
  • Arrived in Dallas
  • What beautiful red roses. Thank you.
  • Lots of people turned out during his tour to greet him and they were big cheers and applause. Jackie even spoke to some supporters in Spanish which the crowd loved! They stayed their first night in the Rice Hotel in Houston where the hotel staff organised famous artwork for their room.
  • Drives through Dallas City
  • Its not raining anymore so we can have an open top car.
  • JFK and his his wife flew from Carswell Air Force Base into Dallas on Air Force One on 22nd November 1963. The flight was only thirteen minutes long. They landed at Love Field which was the main airport in Dallas.
  • JFK and his wife arrived at Dallas Airport to by greeted by 2000 people. The crowd were happy and were all cheering for them. To the dismay of their bodyguards, JFK and Jackie went to shake hands with people in the crowd.. Jackie was given red roses which she took to the waiting car.
  • It was initially thought that Dallas might be hostile to JFK's visit as Dallas was a conservative place and also known to political extremists. But more than 150,000 people (around a quarter of the city's population.) lined the ten mile route of the motorcade.