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Updated: 4/27/2020
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  • on a rainy night on a remote island to the north of scotland a few young boys decided to venture out to the the island
  • as the young group of boys ventured further and further on to the island they stumbled across the mansion and then john said "i would be a good ides to explore the mansion"
  • as they approached the front door they notice the mansion is abandoned and worn-down with smashed windows and slimy walls Derik said "ill try open the door " but when derik pushes the door nothing happens so he tries again and again but the door wouldn't budge
  • the group of boys then decide to find another way in so the walk all around the mansion until they find a smashed window that leads into the basement. then Donald said "lets explore the basement first" so one by one the boys climbed through the window and into the timed light room
  • as the boys explored the basement they came across a pile of smelly things and wondered what it is so the lift the cloth off and find rotting body and scream at the top of there lungs and then here heavy footsteps coming down the stairs and a low voice saying "who's here" so the boys jolt for the window but derik stands still in shock as a 6 foot man comes down the stairs with a butcher knife in hand
  • as the man grabs Derik he screams and tries to run but can't but by that time the rest of the boys were back outside the mansion and could only here derik scream as the man drags him away
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