Fherineit Project 3
Updated: 2/1/2021
Fherineit Project 3

Storyboard Text

  • "And then he was shrieking blaze, a jumping sprawling gibbering mannikin, no longer human or known, all writhing flame on the lawn as Montag shot one continuous pulse of liquid fire on him." "Beatty flopped over and over, and at last twisted in on himself like a charred wax doll and lay silent." (Bradbury 119)
  • "'It's alright,' the voice said. 'You're welcome here.' Montag walked slowly toward the fire and the five old men sitting there dressed in dark-blue denim pants and jackets and dark-blue shirts. He did not know what to say to them." (Bradbury 147)
  • "Montag began walking and after a moment found that the others had fallen in behind him, going north. He was surprised, and moved aside to let Granger pass, but Granger looked at him and nodded him on. Montag went ahead. (Bradbury 164)
  • Montag is taken to his own home and forced by Captain Beatty to burn it, along with everything inside. As Montag burns down his home with the flamethrower, Beatty perpetually attacks Montag verbally. While in this moment, Montag still has his earpiece in, Faber yelling for him to run, and getaway. However, Montag fails to do this, as he is just too overwhelmed and heated by what Beatty keeps saying to him. To resolve his problem, Montag takes the flamethrower, directs it towards Beatty, and burns him alive.
  • Montag has to get out of the city because he had just murdered Beatty, and there was now a search party for him. As directed to by Faber, Montag floats down a river to get out of the city, and eventually finds himself on old railroad tracks. While on the railroad tracks he comes across a group of men who he was scared to approach at first, but soon realizes he was welcomed by them. The group of men had the same perspective and thoughts on books as Montag. The one thing important about all of the men was that they each had a different book memorized in their heads, including Montag, so that the stories would never be forgotten.
  • The city that Montag had once lived in was bombed, and completely destroyed. This is really upsetting to Montag, but Granger calms him down by comforting him with life lessons his grandfather taught him. A shock wave from the bombing of the city hits the men and knocks them down. They decide to make breakfast, and then begin walking. As they are walking Montag gains a feeling of leadership when he realizes Granger let him take the lead. He had never felt this way before, and this was a huge turning point for Montag. At the end, he remembers part of the book that he has in his head, and plans of sharing the story with the other men later on.