Macbeth Act Scene 4
Updated: 1/22/2020
Macbeth Act Scene 4
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  • Is the thane of Cawdor dead yet? The ones that went to kill him not back?
  • Your highness, they haven't came back yet. But I talked to someone that said he saw him die. He was not afraid of his death like he had planned it and he confessed that he was a traitor.
  • You can't tell what kind of a person someone is based on their looks. I really trusted the Thane of Cawdor but he betrayed me.
  • Oh, Macbeth! I owe you more than I can pay. You've done so much for my country. Thank You!
  • Oh, No problem. It's my duty and I'll do anything for our country.
  • After I die, the eldest among you will be king so until then, I consider my eldest son Malcom the Prince of Cumberland!
  • I am inviting you for dinner, I'll go home and tell my wife that you are coming to our house. Can I please take leave now.
  • Malcom is becoming the Prince of Cumberland. That's a title, I should've gotten. God please do not let anyone know about my desire for being king,
  • Oh, Banquo, Macbeth is so determined. I am fed by all the things he has done for me. The dinner is a banquet for me. Lets go, he is waiting to welcome us.
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