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Math Picnic
Updated: 10/16/2019
Math Picnic
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  • Hi! We're going on a picnic! I brought 2 sandwiches, 4 apples, and 3 cookies. Here comes Stacey!
  • Hi Stacey! What did you bring?
  • Hi Alex! I brought 2 apples, 4 cookies, and 5 carrots for us to share!
  • Wow! If we add together the food we have, there's so much!
  • I know! It looks like the sum of the apples is 6 apples! And the sum of cookies is 7 cookies! Let's eat!
  • That was so yummy! I ate my sandwich, 2 cookies, 2 apples and 3 carrots!
  • I didn't eat my sandwich but I ate 3 apples, 2 carrots, and 3 cookies!
  • I wonder how much food we have left?
  • 2 sandwiches minus 1 equals 1!6 apples minus 2 apples, minus 3 apples equals 1 apple!7 cookies minus 2 cookies, minus 3 cookies equals 2 cookies!5 carrots minus 3 carrots, minus 2 carrots leaves none!
  • Well we know we started with 6 apples, 7 cookies, 5 carrots, and 2 sandwiches. We can subtract what we ate to find the answer!
  • It looks like we have 1 sandwich, 1 apple, 2 cookies, and no carrots leftover!That was so much fun!
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