Colonial APUSH Project
Updated: 12/8/2020
Colonial APUSH Project

Storyboard Text

  • We at the Chesapeake colonies experience a unique combination of coastal climate and fertile soil which grants us superb conditions for tobacco cultivation. In fact, annually we are able to export 1.5 million pounds of tobacco translating into a great profit for us Chesapeake colonists.
  • Once immigrating to the Chesapeake colony one can easily acquire land by using the headright system, where one pays for a single passage of an indentured servant and is granted fifty acres of land.
  • Don't just live of subsistent crops in frigid New England, thrive off the lucrative tobacco cash crops of the Chesapeake.
  • In addition to your newly acquired land reap the rewards of your indentured servant's toil, while they work off their passage dues.
  • If you must earn your passage to the Chesapeake,don't worry, one only has to complete four to seven years of servitude after which one will receive their freedom dues in the form of land and money.
  • At the Chesapeake colonies we trade internationally especially with France. This international trade grantees a fellow colonist can make profit even when the British tobacco trade is saturated.
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