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Save the Grapes!
Updated: 10/12/2019
Save the Grapes!
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Storyboard Description

Help Farmer Rick ward off SLF and away from his grape crops!

Storyboard Text

  • Game Introduction
  • SLF Problem
  • Spray SLF
  • Introduce Farmer Rick and his grape farm.Meet Farmer Rick! His grape farm produces award winning grapes used to make jams and jelly, desserts, wine, and many other goodies!
  • Game Instructions
  • SLF (red dots) enters view and heads towards grapes.Oh no! Spotted lanternflies are headed towards his grapes! They love grapes but they can destroy Farmer Rick's crops and destroy him!
  • Scoring and Game Set Up
  • Points: 0
  • Spawn pesticide can and black dots that represent "friendly bugs"Help Farmer Rick combat the spotted lanternfly by spraying them with pesticide before they reach his grapes. But be careful not to spray helpful bugs like the Chinese Wasp which prey on SLF, spiders, and others that help control the SLF population.
  • End Level
  • Points: 1
  • Use the four direction keys to move Farmer Rick around his farm. Use the mouse to spray pesticide. Destroy all SLF before they reach his grapes!
  • Start
  • SLFs from different stages of life as well as friendly bugs will gradually appear in view and move towards grapes. As level proceeds, the number and speed of these pest will increase to challenge player. Points awarded based on age of SLF destroyed (nymphs = 1, adults = 2). No points awarded if friendly bug destroyed; no penalty if friendly bugs reach grapes.Progress bar to show how much time remains in level for pests to populate.
  • Time left: 45 seconds SLF left: 12
  • SLF destroyed; points goes up accordingly. Repeat until time ends. Points awarded for grape bunches that exist. If all five are eaten, player loses.
  • Time left: 45 seconds SLF left: 11
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