Jamie's story
Updated: 3/10/2021
Jamie's  story

Storyboard Text

  • title slide
  • Exposition
  • where could i go? im lost.
  • Rising action
  • I have found a gas station! I only have a dollar.
  • Jamie is about to leave her mom's house for good but her mom comes outside so Jamie has to run for it.
  • climax
  • Now that Jamie left she's in town and she doesn't know where anything is or she doesn't know anybody.
  • falling action
  • i hope i win something when i scratch the ticket.
  • She finally saw a shop. It was a gas station. Jamie had brought one dollar so she is going to go buy a lottery ticket.
  • resolution
  • Jamie walks into the gas station and buys a one-dollar lottery ticket.
  • hello! can i have a 1 dollar lottery ticket?
  • yes. There you go!
  • Jamie scratches the ticket and she could not believe that it said she won one million dollars.
  • I just won 1 million dollars!
  • Jamie finally buys a house and then she sees her mom.
  • I love my new house!
  • Um no. Can you leave now?
  • hey its your mom sweetie. Can i have some money
  • Ugh!