Updated: 3/4/2021

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  • were outnumbered retreat now
  • We’re outnumbered what do we do now ?
  • call in more troops
  • yessir
  • to cemetery ridge.
  • July 1st 1863. Lee chose to take the offensive for a second time to invade the North. Meade the new union commander immediately ordered to pursue Lee's army. The confederates soon got word of this. Lee then planned to gather his army in the rapidly expanding crossroads of Gettysburg. At the beginning of July 1 Hill's command approached the town for supplies just to find that two Union cavalry brigades had arrived the day before.
  • The union was heavily outnumbered as the confederates took this to their advantage planning to attack. The normal Confederate commander Stonewall Jackson was injured so Ewell was the commander. Ewell refused the attack and gained unfavorable comments.
  • Three more Union corps arrived to reinforce their defenses overnight. Union Corps under Winfield Scott Hancock had reached the hill referred to as Little Round Top and extended the defense line along the Cemetery Ridge.
  • On July 2,The day after from Culp's Hill to Cemetery Ridge, the union army had established solid position. As the day continued so did the bloodshed. Both armies suffered massive defeats, with 9,000 or more casualties on each side. The cumulative death tally from the two days of combat was nearly 35,000, making it the war's highest two-day toll.