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Midas And Silenus Myth
Updated: 3/8/2020
Midas And Silenus Myth
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  • What is Silenus doing here? I must return him to Dionysus!
  • Thank you so very much Midas! Name any gift and it's yours.
  • Tomorrow morning your wish shall be granted!
  • I would like everything I touch to turn to gold!
  • Dionysus, the god of wine, held a party one day and he and his followers drank and danced all day into the night. Silenus, who was half man and half goat, drank too much wine and he fell asleep. Later Midas came across Silenus sleeping.
  • Oh goly! I'm so happy your back!
  • Father! What happened?
  • Midas personally returned Silenus to Dionysus, and Dionysus was delighted, so much so that he gave Midas one gift for anything he wanted.
  • Dionysus! I don't know what has happened! How do I get rid of my curse? I want my daughter back!!
  • If you want to lose this gift and get your daughter back, go and wash yourself and your daughter in the River Pactolus. 
  • King Midas being a very wealthy but stupid man had a palace filled with gold and jewels and many other precious objects. Although he always wanted more! Of course he asked for everything he touched to turn to gold. He did not think this through enough...
  • OH NO! My daughter has turned to gold, my cup has turned to gold, my water has turned to gold, and so has my bread! This is definitely a curse! How do I fix this?
  • We must return to Dionysus immediately
  • He did what he was told and he was astonished that all the gold flakes were washing of his hands into the river. His daughter had also returned to life again.
  • He told his servants to get him a cart but stand away from him. He went to Dionysus and when he got there he threw himself at Dionysus' feet, pleading for him to take back his gift. Dionysus told him to go and wash himself and his daughter in the magical River Pactolus.
  • He woke up the next morning and he touched his bedroom door. It turned to gold. He was overjoyed. He went to go eat breakfast, but when he reached for his bread it turned to gold. Same thing with his water cup and his water. Oh no! He thought, I am going to starve now. He went to his room to think and his daughter came running in to hug him. Before he could say anything she turned to gold. Midas thought he must return to Dionysus immediately!
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