Social Studies Chapter 4 Project
Updated: 3/11/2020
Social Studies Chapter 4 Project

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  • At first, the Dutch and Lenni Lenape had a very peaceful relationship.
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  • The Dutch were taught how to fish, hunt, trap, and grow crops by the Lenape. These skills were useful to the Dutch because they were not used to this environment.
  • Lenape also traded furs with the Dutch in exchange for goods that were useful to them — metal axes, glass beads, wool and linen cloth.
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  • However, as the Dutch settled into New Netherlands (New Jersey), they brought more settlers, who had new diseases unknown to the lenape. So, the lenape did not have a cure for these diseases such as a cold.
  • As the relationship between the two got worse, a war had started between them. The Dutch had an advantage because of the more advanced weapons they had access to, such as guns, while the Lenape had only arrows and knives. This lasted for 6 years.The Dutch won the war.
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