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mysta goodloe
Updated: 9/20/2018
mysta goodloe
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  • Y'all don't hear that?
  • BE QUIET!!!
  • Hahahha
  • The blood thirst monster is recklessly approaching the Danes Herot , ready to slaughter the Danish noisemakers.
  • I'm a little Tea Pot!
  • Grendel comes and slaughters the Danes. The first of a continuous twelve year slaughter period, where Grendel only attacks at night while the Danes sleep. 
  • Why?!?
  • I am the almighty Beowulf ,Leader of the Geats! I am here to slay the guardian of crime or die in battle if that may be my fate.
  • A mighty hero from the land of the Geats. has came with his followers to slay Grendel.
  • Who are you?And why have you come?
  • MY ARM!!
  • When Grendel visted the herot that night, Beowulf was waiting on him. When Grendel Arrived , he attacked and killed one ma When Grendel grabbed Beowulf, Beowulf grabbed his arm and ripped it off. Grendel Went Back Home and bled to death . That Night Grendel's Mother came seeking vengeance and killed the kings Bestfriend.
  • Now I will take your head! As well as your SONS!!!
  • Beowulf found her flaming underwater cave and fought her. After a long three hour battle, Beowulf uses a Giants sword to kill her. Beowulf takes Grendel and Grendel's mom head back to Hrothgar (King Of The Danes) to as a trophy.
  • Fifty years later Beowulf in the now the King of the Geats , A dragon attacks his kingdom. He takes on the dragon by him self while every other solider watches the battle. Beowulf starts loosing and only one solider comes to help his name was "Higlac" . They defeat the Dragon but Beowulf dies in Battle, He asks that they build a gigantic tower in his remembrance. The Great Beowulf gets his final wish and Higlac gets a large amount of gold.
  • You will be no more Dragon!
  • The End
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