The Reeve's tale

Updated: 5/13/2020
The Reeve's tale

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  • This is Simkin, he is a miller. Next to him you see his wife, his daughter and his son. He steals from King's hall. That is a place at the college Cambridge. When they accuse him of stealing, he denies everything.
  • I'm very angry. He needs to pay.
  • What Simkin didn't knew was that these two students were plotting to make Simkin pay for stealing from their college.
  • Yes, absolutely!
  • The two students came to the mill to collect the flour so that Simkin couldn't steal from them. But Simkin still wanted to steal from the students so he needed to distract them. When the students weren't paying attention, Simkin untied their horse so it could run away. While the boys were after the horse, he gave some flour to his wife so that she could make a big cake out of it.
  • So the arrogant miller received a good kicking, lost the flour he had stolen, his wife was made love to and his daughter lost her precious virginity.
  • The student ended up staying the night. During the night, one of the students slept with his wife. The other student slept with his daughter.
  • The next morning, Simkin found out what had happended during the night . He was very angry. He fought the students, but they defeated him. His daughter also told one of the students about the big cake.