Chapter 1 - Hunger Games - Jennika - English

Updated: 6/15/2020
Chapter 1 - Hunger Games - Jennika - English

Storyboard Text

  • it was just a bad dream.. :c
  • Is anyone watching?
  • I hope not. *crawls under fence and into the woods*
  • GALE
  • Thank you, Prim!
  • Hey, Catnip. I caught bread with an arrow!
  • Come on, Prim got me some goat cheese for us to share.
  • Before they left to the Reaping...
  • Have you ever thought of running away?
  • Well, we could do it-
  • How could you be so selfish? You and I both have families we need to take care of.
  • Running away? That's absurd!
  • Please not me... please not me...
  • May the odds be.. ever in your favor.
  • Ladies first...
  • Miss Primrose Everdeen!
  • No...