Saving The Sunflower
Updated: 3/23/2020
Saving The Sunflower

Storyboard Text

  • The Remaining Sunflowers
  • All mine
  • sunflower seeds
  • hmmm where is the entrance
  • The Plan
  • whats Mochia's thought on global wormings
  • The Dog Chase
  • oh no a guard dog
  • Once upon a time in a place called Summer Coast, there was a goddess there called Mochia that had sunflower seeds, the only seeds there were. Her slaves killed all the remaining sunflowers. Notuhi, a regular guy wanted sunflowers as well.
  • Operation Success
  • Notuhi had made a plan how to steal one seed. His son Donte pretended to be a news interviewer while Notuhi went round the back of the castle to try steal one.
  • Planting The Seeds
  • Notuhi made a hole in the fence which made a big bang. Then a guard dog came chasing him then he kept running and lost the dog then hid so the security guards wouldn't see him.
  • The Ending
  • Notuhi went into the cupboard and got a seed then dropped it so he got one more seed. He started jumped the fence and gave the heads up to Donte to say he had got the seeds.
  • They met outside the castle gates then walked home and planted the flower and seed by the willow tree.
  • Weeks after planting the sunflowers they had dried up so Donte and Notuhi picked the seeds off, and planted more seed in their garden and gave the rest away. They all lived happily ever after with Mochia still clueless of who took the seeds.