The Cask of Amontillado
Updated: 12/16/2019
The Cask of Amontillado
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  • Exposition
  • A man named Fortunato, has injured and insulted me. i plan to get revenge.
  • Rising action 1
  • I have amontillado, but i can get some one else to try it.
  • No no! i must try it because i am the best to tell if it is really Amontillado.
  • Rising action 2
  • Are you sure you are okay to keep going? Your cough sounds bad.
  • I am fine! i will not die from a cough!
  • In Italy, the 17th century, during carnival season, the narrator, Montressor, has been insulted by a man named Fortunato. He plans to get revenge on Fortunato for insulting him. before he gets revenge he is nice to him so Fortunato wont suspect anything.
  • Climax
  • here, the Amontillado is right in this room.
  • During carnival season, Montressor comes up to Fortunato while Fortunato is drunk. Montressor convinces Fortunato to come with him by saying he can get a different person. Fortunato is a wine expert. Montressor is dressed as the grem reaper, because he is going to kill Fortunato. Fortunato is dressed as a jesture which is ironic because he is a wealthy man.
  • Falling Action
  • ( Jingling of bells)
  • Montressor gets Fortunato to go to his Catacombs and says the wine is in here. He gives Fortunto many times to go back. The walls have mold on the them and it makes Fortunatos cough worse. Fortunato says he will not die from a cold but he will still die soon. They walk farther and then Montressor toats to Fortunato's long life ahead. Fortunato's bells on his hat jingle showing he has been tricked.
  • Rresolution
  • since then i have grown of guilt. Fortunato deserved it for insulting me however.
  • Montressor tells Fortunato that the Amontillado is inside this little room. Fortunato believes him and then Montresor chains Fortunato to the wall. Montressor then starts building a brick wall around Fortunato to sufficate him.
  • Okay, wait where? I do not see it. We could just leave and laugh about this later.
  • Fortunato, takes in his last breath. Montressor places the last block down and starts to feel guilty so he calls for Fortunato's name. Fortunato does not respond. Montressor start to grow more and more guilt as he realizes Fortunato is dead. This is ironic because Fortunato's name means fortunite and he has now died at a young age.
  • Fortunato? Fortunato??!!
  • Ever since, the death of Fortunato, no body has found him. He is way to far in my catacombs to be found. Since then it has been about 50 years. no one would ever think it was Montressor, and no one has disturbed even the bones built around him. Forunato deserved it for injuring and insulting me how ever. Now i carry a heart filled with guilt.
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