The Cask of Amotillado
Updated: 12/16/2019
The Cask of Amotillado
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  • Expostion
  • "Once a long long time ago there was a man named Fortunato and this is the story of The Cask of Amontillado."
  • Rising Action One
  • "Hey Fortunato! do you want to try some of this wine with me I need your very truthful opinion if it's real or not."
  • "Hey Montrasour! of course I would love too!"
  • Rising Action 2
  • "Why thank you Montrasour this is fabulous! the taste is remarkable!"
  • "Here Fortunato try this wine the taste is extraordinary! you'll love it!"
  • "Oh poor Fortunato all chained up I mean it's not your fault you ended up in this situation it was my choice to bring you down here."
  • When Montrasour is telling his crime and what he did to Fortunato he goes through it just like a book.He remembers every single detail as if he was still in that time and place about 50 years ago. This is how it all starts at this party when Montrasour bribes Fortunato into taste testing a wine to make sure it is real.
  • climax
  • "Montasour what are you doing! why did u chain me up wha- what's going on * cough *cough I can't breathe!"
  • It's when Montrasour saw Fortunato he knew Fortunato would fall for this trick even though he was too drunk to realize it. He literally acted and was dressed up as a clown. Since he's such an expert with wine he could never resist this offer. That's when Fortunato fell in Montrasour's trap. Montrasour wanted his revenge on Fortunato so he plotted this and got it.
  • Falling Action
  • "Montrasour please please stop i'm begging you I can't breathe *cough *cough my cough is killing me!"
  • Montrasour takes Fortunato to his catacomb and sets bottles of wines in different places. So Fortunato will gradually get more drunken. But also Fortunato has a really awful cough Montrasour insists to take him back to the party at first. because he states he doesn't want Fortunato to get more ill than he already is. Fortunato forces Montasour to keep walking and that he's fine. When really that's what he wants Fortunato to say.
  • Resolution
  • "Fortunato!, Fortunato! Hello! Fortunato!"
  • As Montrasour brought Fortunato down to his catacomb. and as Fortunato walked into this little dark region Montrasour came up behind him! and violently grabbed Fortunato from behind. and temporarily poisoned him with this chemical just so he's out for a little bit.
  • Montrasour is actually burying Fortunato alive. slowly with blocks one by one basically sealing him in a tomb. It's so ironic though because Fortunato said his cough is not going to kill him by any means. But as Montrasour is concealing him. His cough is making it extremely hard to breathe which would most likely lead to death. Well in this case it does.
  • "Oh my what a coincidence especially when u refused to go back to the party because you said your cough was fine you were fine but obviously not."
  • "Well that was the last time ever someone saw Fortunato. Ever ever again no one knows exactly what happened to Fortunato that mysterious night. Except one person and that's Montrasour not a soul has been down there in approximately 50 years about. It was as if he was sealed into his tomb never to be seen or heard from again. And that is the story of the man Fortunato.
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