djs myth
Updated: 1/24/2019
djs myth

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  • Exposition
  • but how? from where?
  • Rising Action 1
  • Rising Action 2
  • This story is about a mortal named DJ who’s always wondered how natural events happen and the one he's always had his mind on was hurricanes. Every time a Hurricane had come to be, he explored them, and this was very dangerous.
  • Rising Action 3
  • its not what it seems brother
  • And sometimes he even thought that maybe it be one of the gods that made such a thing occur. So, he came up with the idea that since Zeus is the god of the sky and thunder maybe he was responsible for creating this thing that hovers over the great seas.
  • Climax & Falling action
  • So, there's been some news going around about some girl named Arachne who wanted to the challenge the god herself Athena to a weaving contest. No one thought she would come but when she did DJ watched the contest go on. When the contest was over, he went up to Athena before she left and asked ‘’How do Hurricanes form? And where do they come from’' she said from the king of the Greek gods Zeus. It turns out that DJ was right, so he sat there and thought how Zeus makes this happen?
  • Meanwhile up at Mount Olympus Zeus was arguing with his wife Hera because she had slept with his hideous brother hades. Zeus was furious from his wife's actions. Next thing you know Zeus's eyes were beginning to turn Devils Red and clouds came out of nose and ears.
  • how could you?!!!
  • The clouds flew straight down to earth as fast as Zeus's lightning bolt and BOOM Zeus had created a hurricane called The Great Galveston Hurricane this hurricane was a category five. The hurricane had spread across the great seas with winds speeds up to 180mph even Poseidon himself had never seen such a hurricane this Big. It was two days later, and DJ was terrified of what had happened. A day later Zeus had sent Hermes down with a message saying ‘’Dear people of Earth I am so dear sorry that I've made this horrifying thing sweep upon you, and I promise that it’ll never happen again Dear Zeus,’’.
  • At the end DJ still went on with his study on hurricanes . And Zeus still was forming hurricanes.
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