the cask of amontillado
Updated: 12/16/2019
the cask of amontillado
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  • exposition
  • I vow revenge on that Fortunato!
  • rising action
  • M: I have a secret Amontillado!F: Sounds great!M: Well, as long as your cough is not too bad.
  • rising action 2
  • Right through that door!
  • Montressor begins by telling the story of how he carried out the murder of Fortunato. The setting is 17th century Italy. Montressor vows revenge on Fortunato for insulting his dignity.
  • climax
  • "...then I must positively leave you."
  • Montressor meets Fortunato at the lcal carnival. Montressor tells him about his "amontillado" to lour Fortunato into his catacombs. Montressor fakes sympothy toward Fortunatos cough, and offers to take Luchressi instead. Eventually they head off to his catacombs. The symbolism includes Motressor dressed as the grim reaper because he will lead Fortunato to his death. Fortunato is dressed as a literal fool.
  • falling action
  • "For the love of God Montressor"
  • As Montressor leads Fortunato he continues to give him fine making him more and more drunk. As they walk through the catacombs Fortunato further insults him stating that he could never be a mason. The irony is that the trowel Montressor presents him with eventually contributes to Fortunatos death. Another element of symbolism is the jingling of Fortunatos bells every time he is tricked.
  • resolution
  • The climax i the story is when Montressor Leads Fortunato into the niche and chains him to the wall. Fortunato is too drunk to resist being chained. This is when Fortunato begins to realize whats happening.
  • during the falliung action Montressor begins to create a wall rapping Fortunato in the niche. During this process Fortunato screams and Montressor screams back louder. Everytime Fortunato makes noise Montressor stops workng to look at him, this could symbolize guilt. eventually Montressor is almost done and that when Fortunato ceases to amek noise and his bells make a soft jingle and Montressor shout at him, but there's no response. We are left to assume he's dead.
  • "Yes, for the love of God."
  • It's been 50 years since Montressor has trapped Fortunato in the niche and no one has disturbed the catacombs since. the them is The need for revenge is a strong motivator. the external conflict is Montressor vs. Fortunato. The internal conflict is Montressor vs. need fro revenge (self).
  • 50 years later.......
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