Cask of the Amontillado
Updated: 12/16/2019
Cask of the Amontillado
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  • Exposition
  • I have a story to tell you, of a man who lived over 50 years ago...
  • Rising Action 1
  • Oh, but your cold! I'll just ask Luchresi. i wouldn't want to worsen your health.
  • Fortunato! I just bought a case of Amontillado, would you care to test it?
  • Amontillado? Of course!
  • Rising Action 2
  • A toast, to your long life!
  • We should turn back, I don't want to cause you poor health.
  • *Drinks more wine*
  • *Cough cough*
  • Nonsense, it is nothing, let us keep going.
  • In 17th century Italy, a man named Fortunato insulted another man who went by, Montressor. Montressor vowed revenge against this injustice. Montressor makes a plan, but he knows he can't get caught.
  • Climax
  • Montressor manipulates Fortunato into going to his vaults. He flatters him, even saying that he'll just ask someone else. It works and Fortunato insists on going at that instant. So they make their way to the vaults.
  • Falling Action
  • Never! Let us go now.
  • *Screams*
  • Montresssor and Fortunato go deeper in the vaults, Montressor keeps giving Fortunato chances to leave. He refuses each time. Montressor continuously gives Fortunato wine to make him drunk. The Niter on the walls is making Fortunato's cold worse.
  • Resolution
  • Goodbye Fortunato.
  • *Jingle Jingle*
  • Montressor tricks Fortunato by telling him the Amontillado is in a small niche. Once Fortunato is inside, Montressor chains him inside. Fortunanto quickly sobers up when he realizes his situation.
  • *Is chained to wall*
  • The Amontillado is right in there!
  • Once Fortunato is chained in the niche, Montressor begins to build the wall. Fortunato, realizing his situation, begins to scream. At first Montressor pauses his work. Then he screams back, louder and longer.
  • *Screams back louder and longer*
  • After finishing the wall, Montressor leaves Fortunato to die. According to Montressor, no one has touched the bones in 50 years. During the crime, Montressor fells bad, but his need for revenge pushes him through. the theme of the story is that revenge is a very strong motivator.
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