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The Old Man and The Sea
Updated: 9/28/2020
The Old Man and The Sea
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  • Day 84
  • 85 is our lucky number!
  • Day 86
  • Day 90
  • Every day, Manolin maintain visiting and helping Santiago, after all they did not catch a fish for 84 straight days. Manolin valued his skills and the instruction that he has gained for Santiago, even though he always seeks out any way to support Santiago with warmth, food, and clothing. Manolin saw that is was tough to see Santiago in pain and trying even if he knows he can help Santiago.
  • Day 100
  • During the time at sea, Santiago wants Manolin’s existence on various opportunity. The external wishes of how Manolin business show, but not only is shows that but it also shows how much Santiago friendships means to Manolin.
  • Reflection
  • Santiago has taught me to always keep my head up and never give up.
  • Santiago's life without his beloved wife demonstrates upon how strong he is and determined to keep going and moving on. Santiago showed how no matter how difficult the circumstances can be you always have to maintain moving forward. Santiago still survived and grew from his wife's loss every day that had gone by.
  • Reflection
  • This book has affected my view upon how valuable friendship is.
  • Santiago is determined day and night fishing. He spends hours of his day out in the sun even when he was diagnosed with skin cancer. Also, long nights without much food or sleep during the day. Santiago is yet still determined to go out every day after months of not catching anything.
  • “A man can be destroyed but not defeated”. This promotes the audience to realize no matter how difficult the circumstances are in life, if you want something achieve it no matter what it takes. This quote connects to the story in the form how Santiago is struck down physically in numerous ways, but he mentally kept pushing forward achieving his goal.
  • “He was very fond of flying fish as they were his principal friends on the ocean.” The narrator relates how Santiago feel about the old man, and it was his favorite fish to catch. Santiago has a strong relationship with Santiago, especially when it bank on when Santiago has on nature.
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