cask of amontillado
Updated: 12/19/2019
cask of amontillado
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  • Exposition
  • let me tell you a story from nearly 50 years ago
  • Rising Action One
  • wow its so good to see you,you look great
  • thank you!
  • Rising Action 2
  • follow me its this way
  • cough* cough*
  • The story begins with Montressor seeking revenge on Fortunato .For Montressor doing him wrong. About half a decade ago
  • Climax
  • Montressor greats him with compliments when he sees him at the carnival. And fools him making him feel like there friends. Montressor stars talking about Amontillado. Montressor soon manipulates Fortunato by saying that he will have some one else look at it and this makes Fortunato want to see it more .
  • Falling Action
  • Screams*!
  • Montresor lures Fortunato down into the dark and eerie wine vault. This building up suspense Montresor keeps asking if Fortunato would like to turn back because he seems ill So that he thinks Montresor is his friend . Fortunato continues to drink wine to ease his cough.
  • Reolution
  • that is interesting but i dont know if i believe you
  • When they get to the end of the rout .there is no Amontillado, but there is a hole in the wall. Montresor Chains up Fortunato inside, and begins to seal up the wall with bricks.
  • wha wha are you doing
  • Fortunato soon being to sober up and realizes his situation and starts to scream and begging to be let free and then thinks its a joke but Montresor keeps building the wall and screams back at Fortunato stops and Fortunato soon suffocates
  • Screams!!!* please let me go
  • Then Montresor rebuilds the wall and puts all the bones to the wall and gets away with it and no one knew till 50 years aftern
  • the end
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