The Cask of Amontillado
Updated: 12/16/2019
The Cask of Amontillado
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  • Exposition
  • He tried to be my immolation. But I shall get my revenge with impunity. Beware Fortunato!
  • Rising Action One
  • No! I will come. Let us go to your catacombs. I will not die of a cough.
  • I have just came across a rare cask of Amontillado and I wondering if could help. But you're busy and have a cold so I'll just ask Luchressi--
  • Fancy meeting you here, Fortunato, I love your character of a jester. haha.
  • Rising Action Two
  • A toast to your very long life. Haha
  • We are at the deepest part of my catacombs, maybe we shall return. - Okay then drink more wine then the Amontillado is right through the niche.
  • Ugh, it is really damp down here,-NO-Okay, thank you my friend.
  • During the Carnival season of the 17th century in Italy, Fortunato has injured and insulted Montressor. Montressor vows revenge and uses it for his motivation but does not want to be caught. He plans his master plan for Fortunatos immolation.
  • Climax
  • Yes, yes such a funny jest but shouldn't we return.
  • Montressor runs into Fortunato in the middle of carnival and puts hismaster plan to a go. He uses a expensive, fanciful cask of Amontillado to beguile Fortunato into wanting to follow him into his catacombs. Montressor faking empathy, he took into the account that Fortunato had a cold so he suggested Luchressi to entice Fortunato even more to fall into his trap. So they both went to Montessors catacombs.
  • Falling Action
  • RING, Jingling --Oh no, Please Montressor don't do this. AHH! Argh! Argh! Argh!
  •  As Montressor and Fortunato head deeper into Montressors catacombs he continually gives Fortunato wine to make his condition sickly, drunk and easy to trick. Montressor continues to fake empathy as the mold gets to Fortunato and encourages to go back making Fortunato want to go farther. Finally in the deepest part of the catacombs and Fortunato very, very drunk, Montressor lead Fortunato into the previously made niche in the wall. Montressors anticipation was as the smell of rain and static electricity before a thunderstorm .
  • Resolution
  • 50 years later
  • As Fortunato walks into the premade niche made by Montressor chains Fortunato to the walls. At first they both laughed, Fortunato thinking was a joke, and Montressor being entertained by his success of almost completing his plan. But the moment only last so long until Fortunato soons sobers up and begins to realize what is actually happenimg.
  • HAHAHA!!
  • Once Fortunato begins to sober up as he realizes what is happening Montressor begins to build up a stone wall with his materials that he hid behind the bones. Fortunato begins to scream and jangle the chains but Montressor reponds only but screaming louder and longer. Silenced followed and all they heard together were the jingling of Fortunatos bells. Fortunato asks to "be gone" and Montressor fills in the last block.
  • AHH! I CAN SCREAM TOO!Fortunato? Jingling
  • 50 years laterIn the end Montressor completed his crime of planning and murdering Fortunato. Its been half a century since anyone has been anyone has disrupted the tomb of Fortunato where he met his very unfortunate end. Montressor now confesses of his retribution of Fortunato while his stone wall still stands. He overcomes his guilt as he retells the story to who ever he is talking too, maybe its himself.
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