THe Great gastby chapter 8 by nacer
Updated: 11/4/2020
THe Great gastby chapter 8 by nacer

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  • I cant describe to you how surprised I was to find out I loved her
  • They're a rotten crowd, You're worth the whole damn bunch put together!
  • Gatsby still has hope for his love for daisy. He tells Nick about his past with her and how much he loves her. He explains to Nick about what he thought of her house and how she was the nicest girl he's ever met. 
  • I have a way of finding out, God sees everything. 
  • Nick goes off to work and lets Gatsby know that he will call him later, and Gatsby says that he is sure that Daisy will too, but Nick knows what she wouldn't leave Tom for Gatsby. Nick walks out and tells Gatsby the only compliment he ever gave him.
  • Michaelis is with George Wilson Keeping him company. George is very angry and cant really understands why such a tragedy would happen to Myrtle. He then comes to the conclusion that whoever killed her must've been her lover, and that he will find out who the owner of the car was.
  • The next morning Michaelis hurries back to the garage to find out that Wilson was gone and must've been on foot. They tried tracking him and found out that he knew who Gatsby was.
  • Nick rushes to West Egg right to Gatsby's mansion. The chauffeur, gardener, butler, and Nick himself rush to the pool .
  • Gatsby is found dead in the pool, Nick notices the faint movement of the pool and thinks about what Gatsby's last thoughts were. Then it was a little later that the gardener saw Wilsons body a little way off in the grass.
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