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Updated: 6/4/2020
Apple of discord
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  • Agamemnon decide to send menelaus and odysseus to ask the king Helenback bye prior, wanting to avoid war.
  • You come here uninvited, also you almost kill all of my army and you want to solve this peacefully?
  • I would bebilievef if she tell us
  • Menelaus and Odysseus return and tell Agamemnon what king Priam said, so Agamemnon delcared war to Troy
  • King Priam refuse to give us Helena
  • Since that dayAgents army and Troy have been fighting over 9 years, and after asuccessful campaign with the theobes the agents have many lutes
  • So if Priam wnats wars wi will give him war, until we destroy the walls of the city
  • Agamemnons take the daughter of the priest to his tend. The priest go to the tend ,but Aamemnon denied him enter, so he sart praying to the god Apollo
  • NO, get out of here
  • Please give me back my daughter, I offer you gifts and rewards
  • Agamemnon, Achilles and the agents start arguing that fighting dosen´t have any results and that Agamemnon need to return the daughter of the priest to finish with the plague
  • And now a plague thta almost kill all our mans
  • The plague is a punishment by the priest and give him back her daughter would end
  • We have fight for so meany years with no result
  • Menaleus I challenge you in battle and the winner would takeHelen and that is how the war will end
  • The next day trojans and the agents line up because Paris would make andannouncement. Paris challenge Menelaus in a battle, but Paris loose and cowardly he ran out
  • I accept
  • The trojans decided to attack the agents, giving them a surprise, and theagents that are lefts are Odysseus, Diomedes and Ages
  • In the wood there isPatroclus watching with sadness all the events, he was a very good friend of aachilles
  • We are not prepare
  • We are gonna loose
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