Updated: 6/3/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Menelaus and Agamenon king of Mycenae and leader of agents called all the kings to remember their oath and unite against Troy
  • She went with Paris, so lets destroy Troy
  • The supplies ran out
  • They start the travel, but the wind stop and afortunately Aulis was near so they stay there, but the supplies run out
  • What we are going to do?
  • Artemis has ceased the winds as punishment for the deathof your sascred dear by you Agamemnon, you need to sacrifice your daughterAgamemnon
  • I will not kill my daughter
  • By the pressure of all kings and the threat of losing the competencyAgamemnon agree to sacrifice his daughter.
  • Fine I will do it because we need it, but it will be difficult
  • The sir have spoke if he do not agree we will need to chose another leader
  • Is the only way, and it is very clear, if you sacrifice her the wind will blowagain and the ships will arrive at Troy.
  • So it happen Sir Calles kill the daugghter of Agammenon and automatically the wind return
  • Sorry my daughter
  • They start the travell again without any complication
  • Don´t worry dad it´s for a good reason
  • In Troy Paris and Helena were liivin their love, but Helena was worried becasue she know that they will come for her
  • Don´t worry let ehm come we have a huge army
  • Maybe we will not be to much time together, they will come for me
  • Give us Helena and we return without fight
  • This was the first win of the agents.
  • The army gets to the shore of Troy and Hector was waiting for them with his army. Hearing what Hector said Achilles went down of the bark and start killing the army of Hector
  • We will not give Helena she will say here