Updated: 6/4/2020
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  • In the wood there isPatroclus watching with sadness all the events, he was a very good friend of aachilles
  • Achilles don´t you see what´s happening, they will defeat us you need to come
  • That's your problem but i'm not gonna let them be defeated
  • Take my armor and lead all you army into the battle, but be careful and don'tgo further
  • I will only fight if they threaten my tend
  • The trojans thinking Achilles is on the fight again retreat and start escaping,and Patroclus forget the advice of Achilles
  • Let´s go we can chase them
  • It´s Achilles run out
  • Patroclus found Hector and start fighting sadly Hector kills Patroclus. Hector left the body The news from Patroclus death arrived to Achilles and he promise that will kill Hceotr and destroy Troy.
  • This is no Achilles
  • The next day Agamemnon and Achilles make peace, and dicide to attackthe trojans, which stay in the valley
  • I want to kill evreyone, LET´S GO
  • Now we go to Troy
  • The trojans return to their city while the only one outside was Hectordetermine to face Achilles
  • Promise that that whoever wins will take the other ones body to theirpeople, I promise you that, would you do the same?
  • Lions do not make promise to man's, prepare to fight!
  • Achilles kill Hector and takes his body to the agents count
  • King Piam secretely get in the thend of Achilles and beg him to give him back his son
  • Okay, but we are gonna have a ceasefire for some days.
  • Please give me back my son
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