Updated: 6/4/2020
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  • Paris wanted to revenge his brothers dead and search for the vulnaberalteof Achilles
  • I want revenge to my brothers. I will shoot Achilles in his heels there is vulnerable and he will die
  • That´s how Achilles die with an arrow in his heels
  • Agents without any hope lost another man, Ajax committing suicide byfalling down on his sword
  • We need allies, let´s bring Achilles sons they are the best archers
  • I will kill Paris with ana arrow in his chest
  • It happen Philoctetes kill Paris and Helena doesn´t believe that
  • Nooo, he cannot be dead
  • The prophecies were saying that Troy would not fell until the small statue ofthe Palladium the goddess of Athena remained there. So Odysseus, Diomedes, sneak into troy and steal the statue
  • Go fast no one is here
  • Time pass and no one will hear any results from them
  • I´m not coming back until i have Helen and killed him
  • I think we can go, we lost too much mans in war
  • I have a plan
  • Few days later there was nothing left from the agents just a horsededicated to the goddess Athena
  • Everyone get in we go to Troy
  • Odysseus give the Horse to Troy and make pass the walls, but King Priam dosen´t know that inside was people and ready to fight
  • I'm the man who Odysseus decide to sacrifice,but I escaped and wait untilthey were gone
  • YES and This is a gift
  • So they left Troy?
  • y
  • Let the horse pass
  • That´s how Sparta wins and Troy gets destroyed , and how a magnificent history ends
  • Troy is ours now
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