The boy who saved the town
Updated: 4/1/2021
The boy who saved the town

Storyboard Text

  • Marcus lived in a small suburb near the sea. He was a stubborn boy, and he only cared about himself.
  • His father worked as a chemist for an institution and wanted Marcus to get a job there.
  • Instead, the boy delivered milk. Each morning he took dairy products to the grocers.One day, Marcus was jogging down the street with a gallon of milk to give to a merchant. He didn’t want to be late.
  • A wall there kept water from coming into the town during high tide.
  • But Marcus saw a small hole in the wall. Marcus knew that if the wall broke, it would be a tragedy for the town.He poked his finger into the hole. This didn’t fix the problem forever, but it did postpone the tragedy.
  • It was very difficult, but Marcus stayed there and saved the town.Once the tide had descended, Marcus told everyone what happened. A group of people went to the wall. They saw the hole and fixed it.Everyone was very happy with Marcus.