Updated: 5/16/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Today, in Canada Insurance, Leia is named salesperson of the month by her boss, Greg.
  • Wow! Thank you so much, sir! I promise to keep up the good work!
  • Good morning Leia! I would like to let you know that you are this month's salesperson of the month!
  • Of course, sir! I will get to work right away.
  • Oh no. That's too much for me to handle, but I will try to do my best!
  • Because of your out standing performance this past month, I decided to place eight new clients under your care.
  • Leia ponders about the new clients she has received. It appears she is struggling to balance her attention equally to each client.
  • I can't seem to keep all of my clients happy ever since I got eight new ones. My older clients are upset that I rarely focus on them. The amount of people I have to serve is getting too stressful. I will have to work overtime just to make all of them happy
  • These past few weeks have been very stressful for Leia. Instead of working a maximum of 35 hours per week, Leia is working 50 hours per week.
  • I need to speak with a co-worker to help me balance my time with all these clients I have.
  • That's it! I cannot work like this any longer! I barely talk with my family anymore because of all the time I put in my work. All I can think of everyday is work! The stress is ruining my relationship with my family.
  • The next day, Leia goes to her co-worker, Rick, to help her with handling her clients
  • Good morning, Rick. I was wondering if you can help me with some of my clients? I got too many under my care and lately the stress is causing to space myself from my family.
  • I'm sorry, Leia, but I cannot help you. I too have a lot of clients that I recently got and I cannot focus on new ones at the moment. Maybe you should talk to our boss if he can do something about it.
  • Here is Leia standing outside of her boss's office, ready to talk to him.
  • Maybe I should ask my boss. There is no way I can continue to work like this. But wouldn't this make me a bad employee?