Just the Beginning
Updated: 6/11/2020
Just the Beginning
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Storyboard Description

Christoper Boone and Jeannette Walls meets at school. They both have completely different personalities and lifestyles. Jeannette is a daredevil and a very bold little girl. While on the other hand Christopher is very anti-social and creative when it comes to topics that he very wells enjoys. Today the have came across each other because they are partners for a science project.

Storyboard Text

  • Jeanette Walls, may you please come up to the board and solve this addition problem
  • Jeanette is called up to the board but isn't sure she knows the answer.
  • OH NO... I-I don't remember... Rex never taught me this..oh well..I'll try
  • I know the answer. Its obviously 4 since both 2s are being added
  • Incorrect.
  • Jeanette gets the problem wrong and Christopher helps her....
  • It has to be 5 right....?
  • Ms.Lily, the answer is definitely 4.
  • Heyyy, Ms.lily asked me not you.
  • Jeanette addresses Christopher because he said the answer out loud even though Christopher was good at math and tried to help.
  • I knew the answer and you didn't. I was only helping. Im very good with numbers
  • Hmm.. just don't do it again. You made people think i'm dumb and i'm not.
  • *RING *Jeannette and Christopher come to somewhat of an understanding and now its time for RECESS!!!!!
  • Okay everyone. It's recess time!!
  • Uhh... okay Jeannette Walls
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