Comic for health
Updated: 8/10/2020
Comic for health

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  • Afterschool
  • Hey Samantha! Look what I found out!
  • Hey Addie! Ooh what is it!
  • At the lockers
  • Look, Claire told me she's throwing a party. Everyone's going you have to come.
  • C'mon, you really don't want to miss out on this.
  • Umm...I'm not sure
  • Oh okay fine.
  • At the party
  • Hey Sammy, hey Addie! glad you could make it, here have a drink!
  • Hey Claire! This party is amazing! Oh and yes I'll take that drink thanks.
  • Yeah! don't be a party pooper Sammy.
  • Drinks? Are you sure Addie?
  • oh, um okay then.
  • 2 hours later
  • Wow! she's so drunk! That's embarrassing...
  • Woohooo!
  • The next morning
  • Oh dad I can explain...
  • Oh, hey dad. What happened? I don't remember anything...
  • You were drunk dear, and you passed out. Your friend Addie called me.
  • After she explains to her dad
  • I'm so sorry dad, it won't ever happen again.
  • Okay dad...
  • I know, but I'm still dissapointed, and you're grounded for 3 weeks.
  • Now get some rest kid, you need it