Harrapan Civilization(Indus Valley Civilization)

Updated: 5/16/2021
Harrapan Civilization(Indus Valley Civilization)

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  • Welcome to World Today with me Amy. Today we are going to explore the sites of the Harrapan Civilization.
  • George is going to tell us about the agriculture in the Harrapan Civilization.
  • Wheat and barley were the main crops cultivated. We find evidence from the site of Banawali. Dates, field peas, sesame and mustard were also grown.
  • Now Mike is going to tell us the animals domesticated during in the Harrapan Civilization.
  • The Harrapans domesticated animals like goats, sheep and pigs.
  • The Harrapan Civilization did art works such as sculpting, polishing beads and making seals.
  • People traded with each other. Mesopotamian seals have been found in the sites of the Harrapan Civilization.
  • Thank you for listening to World Today. Have a nice day ahead.